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Our goal is excellence in investing. To us, this means achieving attractive returns without commensurate risk, an imbalance which can only be achieved in markets that are not "efficient."

Although we strive for superior returns, our first priority is that our actions produce consistency, protection of capital, and superior performance in bad times.

Adding value in our markets requires a "knowledge advantage" that can come only from proprietary, in-depth research. We have dedicated a staff of highly skilled specialists to each market and created a research methodology that is consistently applied.

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Business Principles

Our people are guided by our business principles, and our strategies operate according to our unifying investment philosophy.

Market Research

Our research revolves around enumerating the elements required for success and identifying investment candidates through which we seek to satisfy those requirements.


Our goal is excellence in investing. To us, this means achieving attractive returns without commensurate risk.

Ethical Personnel

A harmonious workplace and a spirit of cooperation are indispensable; personnel turnover, office politics and unhealthy competition are to be guarded against.

Common Interests

To achieve commonality of interests with our clients, we pay strict attention to potential conflicts of interests, avoiding them if possible and dealing fairly with them if not.

Client Communication

Communication with clients must meet their needs and strengthen our relationships with them. We want every client to thoroughly understand our philosophy, approach, actions and results.


Our firm’s profitability must stem from doing all of the above. elites option is run for the benefit of its clients and their constituencies, as well as for its owners and employees.

Key Market Stakes

Gold Plan

  • Plan Return - 20%
  • Plan Duration - 48 Hours
  • Minimum Capital - $1,000
  • Maximum Capital - $4,999
  • Referral Commission - 5%
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As a firm we regularly evaluate how we can best incorporate ESG considerations into our investment process to conscientiously invest on behalf of our clients.

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